Bitcoin Market keeps getting fresh money

One of the main premises that support the thesis of most analysts of the crypto market, who expect an increase in the price of Bitcoin. It is that the demand for cryptomoney is going to continue to increase at the same rate as it has done up to now, or at a higher rate. This, together with the decrease in supply after Halving, will lead to an increase in the price. And this is exactly what Scott Melker seems to confirm in today’s Tweet, when he says that the Bitcoin market continues to receive fresh money.

What would happen if the price of Bitcoin stays at $10,000?

Fresh money in the market
Bitcoin’s third Halving is considered among the crypto community to be a turning point for the future of cryptomoney. This is because, for most of the crypto influencers in the world, including Changpeng Zhao, Anthony Pompliano and the twitterer known as PlanB.

The inevitable result of cutting the rewards received by the miners in the chain will be an increase in the price of BTC.

However, in recent weeks, a different possibility has begun to be considered than what everyone is expecting. So what if the Bitcoin market never takes off? That is, if its current state of stagnation, around $10,000, remains indefinitely in time.

This is a possibility that has been considered by important crypto-world figures like Vitalik Buterin. But it has been constantly refuted by crypto-world analysts.

Who claim that there are enough signs that the Bitcoin market is going to take off sooner or later. As is the case with Scott Melker, one of the most important crypto influencers. Who commented through his Twitter account:

“Grayscale is buying a lot more Bitcoin Evolution than is being mined, but people keep saying ‘there’s no new money in the market’.

With this message, Melker refers to the purchases of the Grayscale investment fund. It serves as an intermediary between institutional investors and the crypto market. In recent weeks, it has acquired the equivalent of 150% of the daily issue of BTC. Boosting demand, and maintaining hopes for an increase in the price of Bitcoin.

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